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This tool will give you an idea on how your payments will be amortized throughout the life of your loan.

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Depending on your loan scenario our group of investors (Money Lending Brokers Florida) may require minimal documentation to get you approved as soon as possible.


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Loan Process

Loan Process

We will ask you for some basic information and/or documentation. When all of your documentation is received by our investors it then goes to a processor who verifies and validates all of the information to be true and correct. The processing of your loan takes approximately takes 2 – 3 business days. Then the underwriter will review all submitted documentation to make sure it conforms to all the guidelines required for that loan product and will issue a letter of intent with the terms of the loan and timeframe for closing.



Each and every client will have a different loan scenario, as soon as we receive a request through our GET PRE APPROVED, one of our advisors will contact you.

Who is Eligible?

Who is Eligible?

We offer products and services to individuals and organizations looking for a trusted advisor and seeking solutions to help them meet their financial goals. Our (Money Lending Companies Florida) range of products and services are personalized around the needs of any client who wishes to finance residential and commercial real estate investments throughout the United States. Our teams of professionals understands each and everyone’s financial needs; therefore we offer the customer service deserved.

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A finance transaction is usually the largest investment one makes during a lifetime. Real estate transactions can also be very complex and involve numerous issues. For these reasons and others, it is advisable to have the appropriate professional involved in various stages of the transaction. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will walk you through a process which will be simple and easy. Let the expert Money Landers from The Money Lending (money lending services) help you today!

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