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The Money Lending is provided by investors

Our financial consultants connect borrowers with hard and private money investors and provide all financial resources for potential borrowers. Hard money programs are a reliable source where investors will consider the amount of equity from your property, and based on that the will lend. Every property is secured at 55 to 65% value depending the borrower scenario.

Our Investors serve as mortgagees and The Money Lending serves as a Financial Advisor connecting borrowers to our hard money partners and brokers. In case of hard money needed our Investors will review the equity on the property and your ability to repay the loan, if you meet that criteria, you might be able get a hard or private money loan. In the case of a conventional or FHA scenario; we also work with a portfolio of different lenders which based on your income and credit information will be able to allocate a loan that best suit your needs.

Are you unsure what you qualify for? Just fill our Get Pre Approved request form and one of our advisors will call contact you.