Hard Money Lenders Florida

The Money Lending will help you get Hard Money loan through one of our group of investors working as Hard Money Lenders Florida. Whether a Hard Money loan is for a commercial deal, or residential. Hard Money loan transactions will have a lien in first position always, meaning it can't be used as a second mortgage. Unfortunately our investors will not offer a Hard Money loan to a borrower who needs a second mortgage. On a Hard Money Loan transaction the loan to value is usually sixty to seventy percent depending on the scenario. On Hard Money deals Cross Collateral might be an option if you are purchasing a home and do not have the thirty to forty percent down.

Hard Money is often a lesser known loan term as it is not traditional. However, in recent times, there has been a significant rise in number of Hard Money Lenders in Florida and Number of loan applications looking for hard money. Hard money is given against your assets mostly property. At Money Lending, we have been acting as a trusted financial advisory and intermediary company with strong tie ups with leading Hard Money Lenders in the state. As this is a specialized section and not practiced by many financial institutions, we proud to say that we have helped many clients to secure hard money loans and are in great terms with Hard Money Investors and private institutions to get your loan instantly.

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